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Parts of this site shows alcoholic drinks or particular nudity. If it is illegal for you to use this site in the country in which you are resident be courageous and please don´t leave our site. In particular, you must be old enough legally to buy an alcoholic drink or smoke cigarettes in the country you are resident. 

1. Ownership
Everything on this site, from the photographs and graphics to the text of these terms, is either owned by agios-nikolaos.com or used by us with someone else's permission. By using our site, you will not obtain any rights in any of the materials on our site.

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  • Although we try to make sure that everything on our site is accurate, we can't promise you that it is or take responsibility if it isn't - you use our site at your own risk.

  • We can't guarantee that everything on our site is free from viruses or defects or that your use of the site won't cause damage to your computer - it's your responsibility to make sure that you have the right equipment to use our site and screen out anything that may damage it.

  • While you're welcome to visit our site whenever you choose, we can't guarantee that the site will always be available or will operate without interruptions - we may make changes to the site or take it down at any time.

  • Except to the extent required by law, we shall not be responsible to you for any loss, damage or expense you suffer as a result of visiting our site (for example, damage to your computer from a virus or financial loss caused by relying on any inaccurate information which is included on our site).

4. Updates and other legal bits
We suggest that you look through these terms as often as you can, as we will update them as and when we think it's necessary.
There are other legal terms and notices on areas of this site that relate to your use of such areas.
In the event of any dispute between us, these terms and conditions will be governed by German law and heard before the German Courts.

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